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For Downloaders

The download is locked. How could I unlock it?

To unlock the download, you need to buy a premium.
Check the premium table.

I bought a premium access. How do I download now?

Now you just need to login. Use your email address, and the password you got in the registration email.

Do you support jDownloader?

Yes, we support the new version of jDownloader (jDownloader 2). Use your email and password to login as a premium user.

For uploaders

What upload methods do you have?

Upload from your computer, Remote Upload (with a link) and FTP Upload

How can I earn money?

We have an affiliates program on our site. You can earn money be uploading files. How does it work? You earn precentages from every purchase that is made by an upload you made. Read more on: Affiliates program. Please note that you need to be logged in so your uploads will be counted.

Does it cost money to be an affiliate?

No. You can register and upload for free, and you can even make money from downloads and sales from your files.

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